Marketing Tips – Personalisation of E-mails
20th May 2020
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🚨 Epsom and Ewell business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to get their emails opened, let alone have any action taken from what’s in the main copy. 🚨

😟 No wonder – the average email open rate is just 18%!! *😟

But fear not, as we’ve got some email subject lines that could nearly double your open rate (and that’s just in the worst-case scenario!) and the reason for this? – They’re all, as you’ll see, personalised to the recipient. 😁

IMPORTANT: for this post, we’re classing BEST as the subject lines that generated the highest open rate (because that’s the subject lines job!).

Have look at these and give us a call if you’d like to know when’s the best time to use them 📞


Subject line #4:

~Contact.FirstName~ - OPEN RATE: 35%


Subject line #3:

~Contact.FirstName~’s Envelope/Quote - OPEN RATE: 42%


Subject line #2:

~Contact.FirstName~, about yesterday… - OPEN RATE: 45%


Subject line #1:

The Best Performing Subject Line…

Have I upset you ~Contact.FirstName~? - OPEN RATE: 61%

*Source: InfusionSoft CRM

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