Marketing Tips – Lost Customers
21st January 2020
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Getting new people to discover you and enquire with you, let alone buy from you, can be hard 😖

But there is a group of people that you don’t need to educate about your services or products – because they’ve already bought from you 😃

⭐ It’s your Lost Customers ⭐

Every business has them. Either they cancelled their subscription, or they haven’t been in and bought anything for some time.

But they get forgotten about, as we’re too focussed on getting the new customers.

🔍So have a look at your database, pull out those who’ve not been in for a while or cancelled a little while ago, and entice them back.

And the good news is, it’s relatively straightforward to do 👍.

If you have their postal address – great, but an email and mobile number will also do.

💌 You can send them a letter just letting them know that you “Miss Them” and talk about all the things you’ve done over the last year or two that have improved your business. You may have taken on new staff, moved premises, increased product lines/improved menus, been featured in local papers/magazines, maybe even been nominated for or won awards.

🤔Just have a think of what’s changed in your business over the last 12-24 months and write about it.

Remember - these people already know you, they trust you, they understand how good you are at what you do but they just haven’t bought again recently.

Add in an offer and a deadline (we’ve got some past “Top Tips” to help with those), and some of them will come back to you. 🤑

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