Marketing Tips – Are You A “Doer” or a “Marketer”?
19th March 2020
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📣 Here’s a quote from one of the great marketers of the modern age – Dan Kennedy:

“The first big leap from ordinary business to big income business comes quickly once the business owner makes the intellectual, emotional and actual switch from ‘doer’ of his or her thing to ‘marketer’ of his or her thing”.

That says it all really.

💰Your job as a business owner is to get enough customers buying from you. To do this really well, you have to think of yourself as a marketer of whatever it is that you do.

💐So if you sell flowers, you are NOT a florist. You a marketer of florist services.

🔧If you a plumber, you are a marketer of plumbing services.

👗If you own a dress shop, you are a marketer of a women’s fashion boutique.

This mind-shift from ‘doer’ to ‘marketer’ is soooooooooo important!

You see, most of your competitors see themselves as ‘doers’ of their thing. The minute you begin thinking of yourself as a marketer, you gain a huge advantage over them. 🏆

Now, we know that there are times when you have to ‘do-the-do’ in the business, but not setting time aside to be a ‘marketer’ of your “thing” is only going to hinder the growth and success of your business. 📈

Making this shift from ‘doer’ to ‘marketer’ is a lot easier than most people think and we can help you do it.

☎️Give us a call on 01737 350 079 to talk to us about making this shift happen in your business. ☎️


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