Marketing Tips - 6 Times Easier!
14th April 2020
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We know, that as a business owner, getting new customers takes work. 😓

However, research from Google has shown that there is a group of people where it is, on average, 6 times easier to get them to buy from you. 😀

Yes! 6 TIMES! 😲

❓ So, what is this group ❓

Your current customers. People who have purchased from you before. 🤝

They have already experienced the products you offer as well as the service you provide. ✔️They know you, like you and trust you. (Well they did when they first bought from you... enough, at least, to give you their money.)

Hopefully, things haven’t changed. And ideally, your relationship with them has improved.

💰The research also showed that it costs around five - six times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell something additional to an existing customer.

Now, we’re not saying you should dismiss your efforts to gain new customers, but setting some time aside to engage with your current customers, your recent buyers, your freshest ‘fans’, could be a very useful use of your time and, if nothing else, it makes good financial sense to attempt to sell to your existing customers as-well as new prospects.

🤔So, ask yourself - What other things can you provide to your current customers?

😉Simple – yet so few businesses do this.

☎️ And if you’d like some help in how to approach this tactic, then just give us a call on 01737 350 079


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