Marketing Tip – Plain English
9th December 2020
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It won’t be much of a surprise to you, if I tell you that information flows more freely and quickly now, than ever before.

If customers find it hard to understand the point you’re trying to make or the message you’re wanting to get across, it’s really easy for them to move on to someone else. 

So just because you know your product or service inside out, doesn’t mean you should use fancy wording, acronyms or technical terms when talking with potential customers. 

With so much news and content that we receive and consume every day, it is important to keep things simple. Plain language plays the key role in that regard. It uses clear sentences and basic phrases, helping people to understand the message instantly. When using plain language, all it should take is to read the content once to understand the point.


✅ Use short sentences with common phrases and everyday expressions. Don’t burden your readers with complex structures. 

✅ Use simple text structure with an obvious introduction, the main body or message, and conclusions.

✅ Lists and bullets are more than welcome because they improve readability and allow users to scan articles more easily.

Jargon and formalities are less tolerated by readers and can and will create dis-engagement. This is even more important in the online world, where messages have to be easy to consume, otherwise you’ll quickly lose your audience.

You should address the audience directly using pronouns such as YOU. It adds a personal touch to the content and gives the feeling of real conversation.

If you’d like us to read over any of your marketing or content to check it’s easy to “get it” first time, then just give us a call on 01737 350 079 ☎️

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