Marketing Tip – Mystery Shopping
2nd June 2020
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💡 Local businesses need to differentiate themselves more than ever before. 💡

You may have the best product or offering in your industry 👏

But your hard work can all be worthless if the delivery of the customer service and buying experience is nothing short of fantastic and you’ll just be seen as the same as everyone else – or possibly worse.

But how do you know if the customer is actually having an easy and fantastic buying experience? 🤔

Mystery Shopping exercises allow business owners to get quick, reliable and quality (and low cost!👍) feedback from the customers’ perspective – as that’s the perspective that matters most.

It is an invaluable tool in aiding the evaluation of a teams’ customer care performance levels, training budgets and delivery of a company’s mission statement to their core customer sector.

So if you’re serious about delivering an amazing customer buying experience and are curious about how your processes and you and your team perform from a customers perspective, then talk to one of the many Mystery Shopping services that are available for you to utilise.

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