Marketing Tip - What’s in a Name? It’s ALL in a Name
13th April 2021
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📧When it comes to email, it turns out there is quite a lot and this week we are revisiting a previous Tuesday Tip that’ll get more of your emails opened! 

You see, communication with your customers is massively important and we all know that emails are a quick, cheap way of engaging with them - Especially now with people wanting to know what businesses are doing, when they’re going to be back open, and what offers they’ve got on. 

But many Surrey business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to get their emails opened, let alone have any action taken from what the email says. 

Did you know that the average email open rate is just 18%!!* 

This week we’ve got some email subject lines that could nearly double your open rate (and that’s just with our 4th best performing subject line!). 

These subject lines have been tried and tested several times to hundreds of thousands of recipients and this is the list of the BEST subject lines that grab people’s attention and get emails opened. 

REMEMBER: The average email open rate is just 18%... so let’s see how these compare: 

Subject line #4: 




Subject line #3: 

~Contact.FirstName~’s Envelope/Quote



Subject line #2: 

~Contact.FirstName~, about yesterday…



This subject line is great to use if people have missed a deadline, offer, event or appointment. This subject line looks like an email that could be from a friend and so gets opened (a lot!).  

Subject line #1: 

The Best Performing Subject Line… 

Have I upset you ~Contact.FirstName~?



An email open rate of 61% is unheard of nowadays (remember the average open rate is 18%!) but this subject line wins the award by ticking almost every box possible… 

It was sent to people who haven’t responded to any other emails in a campaign, so it’s up against a tough audience! If someone hasn’t taken action after 5 or 6 emails this email will be brought out as the ‘big guns!’ 

The email itself asks if they’re upset because they haven’t taken advantage of an amazing ‘thing’ that’s been offered. What’s interesting is that this email not only gets a LOT of opens, but a tonne of responses and replies as well! 

People reply apologising for not getting in touch sooner, making excuses for not clicking through, some get quite heartfelt! 

So, the next time people aren’t responding to your emails, whip out “Have I upset you ~Contact.FirstName~?” and just see what happens… 

So, the big takeaway here is simple. Personalise your subject lines and your open rate will increase. If you have any questions get in touch with the team today at 👍 

*Source: InfusionSoft CRM

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