Marketing tip - Making the Most of Referrals
25th August 2020
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🤝 A referral campaign can work wonders for your business.

If it’s done correctly. 

💡 If your current customers are happy with your service/product, then they’re in an ideal place for you to ask them to give a referral. You’ll have a receptive audience because they’ll already think you’re really good at what you do. 👍 

Starting a referral scheme is something you need to consider for YOUR business. Not only is it a fantastic way to create a constant stream of new customers but, when done well, you’ll boost your relationships with your current customers too.

You may be on the fence when it comes to starting a referral scheme… after all, you’ve got a lot of customers already, right? 

But look at it like this. What if by starting a referral scheme each customer you have could give you five more customers? And each of those five could also give you five more? Soon you have a non-stop stream of new customers that not only are willing to give you their friends’ details but will generate an increasing reputation about your business. 💰 

Quality new customers with very little marketing. 

And possibly the most powerful reason of all, customers that give referrals are likely to become much more loyal to you and your business. Once they’ve made a statement about you, and recommended you to one of their friends or colleagues, psychologically, they will become much more loyal to you and your business.😀

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