Love Where You Live - #Epsom
13th October 2011
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Love Where You Live campaign on October 17 with a Day of Action across the country.


Love Where You Live is a new anti-litter campaign that encourages and enables us to make where we live, work and play the kind of place we really want it to be. It's about communities and organisations working side by side to make their little bits of England cleaner, greener and altogether more loveable.

Five minutes to show you Love Where You Live

Be part of the Day of Action for Love Where You Live, and give just five minutes at noon on Monday October 17 to show your support. Whether it's a litter pick outside your offices, a spot of weeding in a community garden or a Big Tidy Up in your area, as Big Ben strikes, please show you care and be part of a national movement.

We are asking councils, schools, businesses and any other individuals and organisations to stop what they are doing for a few minutes illustrating Love Where You Live's key message - that small actions can lead to big change.


Three easy ways to get involved:

Give five minutes at 12pm on 17 October to pick up litter or clean your local area and post the details and photographs on the website

Organise a Big Tidy Up, order your kits now

pledge your support


Contact details

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