Local Banstead Choir celebrates its 90th Birthday
7th June 2012
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A choir which brought the community together in the 1930s is celebrating its 90th birthday.

Banstead-based St Cecilia Chorus choir, founded in 1922, is one of the oldest and most highly regarded choirs in Surrey.

Choir member Muriel Holyman remembers it as it was in the 1930s.

She said: "In those days, there was no television and everyone was keen to join local activities.

"The choir quickly became very popular and was able to offer music of a very high quality, as it still does today."

Jonathan Rennert, musical director, said: "It is a privilege to conduct a choir with such a distinguished history.

"The high quality of singing means our repertoire can range from the well-known to the commission of wholly new works."

Choir chairman Geoff Barham said it is an exciting year for the 70-strong choir, packed with new and traditional concerts.

He said: "Everyone in the choir is excited about celebrating its 90th birthday. In addition to our usual concerts we have arranged an exciting tour to Paris and a celebratory dinner."

If you are interested in joining the choir call Bery Radford on 020 8669 3472

Article from Hardeep Matharu YourLocalGuardian.co.uk

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