Keep the kids busy over Easter at Bourne Hall Museum Club @epsomewellbc @kidsinmuseums
4th March 2015
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Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club brings us regular events throughout the year. 

They make history FUN

Whatever era – from pre-historic man to modern day  and local history – they provide a safe – and fun place for the kids to learn and enjoy.

This Easter they have some great treats in store.


Tommy’s Trenches – what was life really like in a WW1 trench.

The Darker side of Ewell Village – what lurks behind this pretty village.

Gladiator School – definitely a thumbs up for this one.

Ashley Road Cemetery Walk – A thriller of a walk as you learn about the famous people who lie here.

Nasty Napoleon – “Boney was a warrior, Wey, hay, yah” But the English defeated him. How did we do it?

Take a look at the attached flyer

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