It’s not just your homes to lock up – it’s your cars as we know only too well - The Derby Weekend in Epsom #crimeprevention @epsomewellbeat @surreypolice
3rd June 2014
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Every year we are warned – it’s The Derby Weekend  – lots of strangers coming to the area – so lock everything up.

The Derby is a tradition and an occasion to be enjoyed by all.  But remember some of those people are not there to watch the race – they are watching you and your vehicles – and not just the vehicle but what’s inside it.

Burglars and thieves will take their opportunity wherever they find it – and this annual festival is a busmans holiday to them.

Both Nigel and I take care locking our cars. They are parked on a paved area in front of our home – so not in the road. We live on a typical housing estate – so no big houses – no glaring ‘wealth’ – so you would think no temptation.

It was early Monday morning and Nigel was off to one of his many networking meetings. As he walked past his car he noticed some items on the passenger seat which should not be there – went immediately to the boot and found that it had been emptied.

We had both used our cars on the Sunday – and had locked them for the evening – we heard nothing overnight.

SO – I would call the police and Nigel could take my car – simple.

I went to get my keys for him – but guess what - my car was also open – and yes the boot was empty.

Did we leave anything ‘tempting’ on view inside the cars – no – but we had not emptied the boots and as a result we lost some valuable sports equipment.

2 cars – not a mark on the locks – no alarms triggered – we heard nothing.

So the moral of the story is –

Do not assume your car lock is enough – so please ensure ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you value is removed from your car over the weekend.

AND if it’s an electronic key - check the handle after locking your car – just in case!

We contacted our local police at Epsom and Ewell Safer Neighbourhood Policing and they have very kindly sent us this advice from Surrey Police.

Please read it – it all makes sense – and they know what they are talking about. 

‘Surrey Police is urging motorists to follow this straightforward advice to help lessen their chances of becoming a victim of vehicle crime during the upcoming Investec Derby Festival:     

When leaving your car 

  • Don't leave anything inside your car. Clothes, cigarettes and loose change can all encourage a break-in.
  • Remove the stereo or stereo fascia if possible.
  • Remove satellite navigation devices if possible, including the support cradle. Wipe away any suction pad marks left on the dashboard or windscreen.
  • Leave your glove box open, to show it is empty.
  • Close windows and sunroofs and lock the doors and boot.
  • Remove the keys and lock the car, even if you are leaving it for just a few minutes.
  • Never store driving documents or vehicle documents in the car. Keep them at home.     


  • Keep your car parked in a garage if possible and lock both vehicle and garage.
  • When away from home, or if you don't have a garage, always try to park in a well-lit, open location.
  • If possible, park in police approved car parks displaying the 'ParkMark' logo. Visit for more information.     

Extra precautions 

  • If your car doesn't have an alarm, get one fitted and use it each time you park.
  • Fit a tracking device to your vehicle.
  • Protect your tax disc with a tamper-proof disc holder - available from the Post Office.
  • A Thatcham compliant immobiliser or a steering wheel lock can help secure older vehicles and could reduce your insurance premium.
  • Look after your car keys and keep them out of sight, even at home. Keep keys on you, or hidden, at all times.
  • Secure expensive alloy wheels using locking wheel nuts.
  • Have the vehicles registration number or vehicle identification number etched on each window.
  • Secure number plates with anti-tamper or clutch head screws, or purchase theft resistant number plates that break into small pieces when removed.’


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