It’s not just Epsom Surrey that has road problems - here’s Epsom in the USA.
15th February 2013
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Just happened to come across this article from the Concord Monitor - New Hampshire where our namesake Epsom is.

Thought it was appropriate as today we saw an article saying 1 in 6 Surrey road are in poor condition.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I’ll bring Epsom’s roads into the 21st century 

Please elect me as Epsom road agent.

I was told by a longtime resident that you always knew when you got to Epsom because the roads disappeared.

When we drive over our roads this winter and we can feel every bump, crack and pothole, realize that just grinding and paving won’t cut it. Many of Epsom’s roads are old, designed for horse and buggy. As the years went on, cars and trucks began to redefine what was necessary for safe, hazard-free travel.

Although paving and widening helped, it’s the things we don’t see that cause the greatest issues.

The issues facing Epsom’s roads are poor drainage, poor roadbed construction, and lack of maintenance.

Without attention to detail, hard work, public input, good management practices, efficiency and the ability to identify issues early on, we will be facing high repair cost, higher taxes and depletion of our roads and capital investments. By working twice as hard physically, and twice as efficiently, I plan to stay within a balanced budget, improve customer service and tackle maintenance issues one by one, immediately! I plan to bring our roads into the 21st century.

Feel free to contact me at Find Mike Tinsley for Epsom’s Roads 2013 on Facebook.


The article is from the CONCORDMONITOR.

 Epsom in Concord in New Hampshire USA.  There is also a Banstead and Belmont nearby!

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