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20th June 2014
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How to score a hole in one with Golf Photography

You may think golf photography is easy, you couldn't be further from the truth.  From golf tournaments to golf courses, there is a real art to taking a good picture. The key at Golf Tournaments with all the famous golfing pro's is to be invisible.  The worst thing you can do is fire of some shots just as the golfer is taking his/her swing.

Golf is a much different sport to cover than just about anything else, it's rather solitary, the player is battling with himself, the crowds on the large are generally quiet.  Also you need to be careful with golf balls it would be very painfull if you got hit by one!!!

There are three things to remember when photographing professional golfers;

1. Background - needs to be without distraction, a dark background, trees are good so the person is highlighted.

2. Light direction - where is the light coming from?  Is it morning or afternoon light, the higher the sun in the sky the more the cap will shadow the face.

3. Positioning - the best position and most attractive angle is at the end of the follow through when the golfer is at the end of his swing and is looking forward to where the ball is.  So generally the best position is on the left hand side of the player and a little low down.

Golf courses are quite a challenge.  They tend to be flat so creating interesting lines to draw your focus in is sometimes hard, the three key points are;

1.  You need to do some homework, learn the course, find out where the sun rises and sets.

2.  The higher you are the better, this then creates curves and from this higher angle you can see the greens better.  Use any trees you can to create interest.

3.  Depth of field, technically the smaller the aperture the better, this creates excellent longer focus for distance photography.  Therefore shutter speed is important to control, a tripod may come in very handy, or a steady buggy!

I find it very enjoyable to photograph, your outside in the fresh air and surrounded by beautiful countryside.  

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