Home wanted for cats abandoned in Leatherhead
9th January 2013
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Two ginger cats who were abandoned just before Christmas have joined an army of moggies in need of homes.

A staff member at B&Q in Leatherhead looked after the tomcats for a few days after he found them left in cat carriers outside the store the weekend before Christmas.

The cats were then passed into the care of feline welfare charity Cats Protection and are currently being cared for in Surbiton by Sue Adams, who said: "They will make lovely pets but they have been traumatised.

"They have calmed down and are much better now."

Charity volunteer Rosemary Cook, who personally cares for 25 cats at her home in Epsom Downs, said: "We are getting a lot of cats being abandoned. It’s very sad.

"I’m sure it’s to do with the current economic situation."

She said the growing number of cats may be due to more people being forced to move into rented accommodation or who have to travel to find work.

She said: "We just don’t have room. There are about 50 cats on our waiting lists.

"Our vet bills have been astronomical."

Ms Cook said she has been in rescue for over 25 years looking after cats and finding new homes for them.

She said: "As I gave up work and had more time it has kind of taken over my life."

Joan Mulcaster, who runs Epsom Animal Rescue, praised Ms Cook for her efforts looking after cats dumped on her doorstep and elsewhere.

She said: "She's turned her whole home over to helping pussies."

For more information or to give donations visit www.epsom.cats.org.uk.

To give a cat a home ring Ms Cook on 01737350307

Article and picture from Alice Foster at epsomguardian

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