Here comes the cold weather. Is your heating on in #Epsom?
7th October 2011
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After our few days of an Indian summer – the weather is now returning to the norm – so it’s cold and will get colder as we drift into winter.

So did you – like me – put on your central heating today for the first time since spring?  I hope it worked.

Nowadays so few people keep an emergency heater in the house – just in case. We are so used to the convenience of Central Heating – how would we manage without it?

As more people turn on their heating systems as the temperature dips – there are bound to be some who find it doesn’t work.

So they need a reliable engineer to call on. We would recommend they try DPGS a reputable company who provide domestic plumbing and gas solutions for the area.

They could even consider having an annual service of their system by DPGS – for that warm feeling that comes with peace of mind.


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