Have your circumstances changed - is your mortgage protected?
15th February 2012
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Our live change over time – change of jobs – family and dependents – change of health. During these changes – often turbulent, do you consider the effect this could have on your mortgage?


There are different types of protection you may consider – but probably the most obvious is Life Cover.


Ignite Financial Services in Epsom have found some interesting information about Life Cover in the UK.


A recent survey by Sainsbury’s states that four in 10 Britons who hold a mortgage do not have their contributions covered by life insurance.


Sainsbury's Life Insurance suggested that nearly seven million people with a collective outstanding mortgage balance of £245 billion have no such provision to cover their repayments on their death. (Source: Press Association, November 2011).


Many people will insure their pets or TV sets before they consider taking out a life insurance policy. Mortgage protection is seen as an expensive monthly outgoing. But how would you cope if you suffer a serious illness?


Would your love ones have adequate financial backing if you were to die?

(For just £6.90 per month would buy you £100,000 life cover. Aviva quote November 2011, based on male 35, non-smoker.)


Sadly it often takes a tragedy for us to find out the problems – so act now.

Check if the protection you have in place is adequate.


Give Ignite Financial Services a call.


To learn about Ignite Financial Services in Epsom – see our feature.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


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