Halloween - Is that an American Invention? No it's Not
27th October 2011
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No it’s not -  A ‘potted’ history of Halloween


Over 2000 years ago the Celts (people of Britain and Northern France) worshipped the Sun God and the Samhain – the god of the dead, cold and dark.


On October 31st Samhain took over the rule of the earth from the Sun God – the start of the new year – winter arrives.


 Samhain would draw all the dead together and roam the earth as an animal. The Celtic priests – the Druids – had lots of ceremonies  to try and keep the Sun God with them  and to find out what the new year would bring– but Samhain always won. This was the Vigil of Samhain.


When the Roman Catholics conquered the Celts – they introduced All Saints Day (All Hallows Day) when they celebrated all saints who did not have their own special day, to try to stop the vigil -  but it didn’t work.


Soon witchcraft arrived and October 31st was called The Night of The Witch. That night witches, devils and demons would surface and mock the All Hallows celebrations. This night eventually became known as All Hallows Even – and we now know it as Halloween.


There are several games traditionally associated with Halloween – with some coming from the Celtic ceremonies to try to find out what the future would bring.


Apple Bobbing - Biting an apple while it floats on water – without using your hands.


Hang a treacle coated cake (scone) suspended on a piece of string – try to eat without using your hands


Find your future spouse – peel an apple in one long strip and toss the peel over your shoulder. The shape the peel land in is the first letter of your future spouse name.


For unmarried ladies – sit in a darkened room on Halloween and gaze into a mirror. The face of their future husband should appear. But if their fate said they would die before marrying – then a skull would appear.


Happy Halloween…


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