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16th June 2015
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The Mid-Surrey Mediation Service is a voluntary, community charity which provides mediators to help resolve local neighbourhood disputes.

They are looking for new mediators – Could you be one? 

What is community mediation?

Community mediation is a process that helps people who are in dispute or conflict with their neighbours to resolve their differences. Typical disputes arise from issues such as noise, high hedges, inconsiderate parking, boundary problems and anti-social behaviour. Police often get called to this type of incident and they often respond by referring it on to mediation.

What do mediators do?

Mediators always work in pairs. They meet those involved in their own homes to understand what has happened and what people want to happen. If everyone is willing, mediators then bring people together at a joint meeting to work towards a resolution that is acceptable to all. In this process, mediators avoid taking sides, making judgments or giving guidance. Instead they listen carefully, ask questions to clarify/challenge assumptions whilst managing the process at all times to ensure fair communication.

What are the benefits of becoming a volunteer mediator?

* Meeting people from all walks of life and working with people who are interesting and share your interest in helping others.

* The satisfaction of enabling and empowering others to communicate and solve their own problems

* Working flexibly when it is convenient to you in your local area (no further than the boundaries of Epsom & Ewell and Mole Valley).

Who becomes a mediator?

Mediators are all ages, come from different backgrounds and bring different experiences. What they share is a quiet confidence, calmness and open-mindedness. They are able to listen intently and communicate clearly. They inspire trust and abide by strict rules of confidentiality.

What training is required?

Free training is provided that is accredited by the Open College Network. Training programmes takes place over three weekends. The next Community Mediation Foundation Programme in 2015 is scheduled for: 17/18 Oct, 31 Oct/01 Nov, 7/8 November 2015.

What next? Talk to us!

This voluntary opportunity is very flexible and satisfying. There is no salary, but expenses are paid at a standard rate. It does require a commitment to volunteer for a minimum of two years following training. Your local mediation service will be delighted to hear from you to tell you more!


Brenda on 07513 524241 or email

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