Fun History Days for kids & the family at Bourne Hall #Ewell - Agincourt, Ancient Greece, Herald of Spring
2nd February 2012
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Yes history can be fun and for 8-12 year olds they can visit history here in Ewell.




Want to relive the English Victory at Agincourt in 1415 and learn how it was done?

Saturday 11th February – Bourne Hall becomes the battlefield of AGINCOURT.


Could you run a marathon in full armour in the Glory of Ancient Greece?

Saturday 10th March – Bourne Hall travels back 2,700 years to ANCIENT GREECE.


History can also be fun for the whole family and on

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March – Bourne Hall present you HERALD OF SPRING – 400 years of mayhem and merriment for all the family at this MEDIEVAL FAIR


For more details ring: David Brooks on 0208 394 1734 or email BOURNE HALL.

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