From Disabilities to Possibilities - the story of #MERU in #EPSOM
7th November 2011
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What is MERU? 

MERU is a unique charity that aims to improve the lives of children and young people with disabilities. We do this by custom-designing and manufacturing equipment for them which are not already available. Our work helps children and young people to improve their independence and comfort, stay safe and healthy, to communicate with others, and to enable children to learn, achieve and enjoy life. We make items such as custom-seating and desks, communication and computer controls, learning and leisure toys, mobility and daily living equipment. In addition to this, we also offer advice on products that are already available on the market to children, parents, therapists and other professionals.


What are our ‘Instant Solutions’?

Through our custom-made service we have discovered a range of innovative and assistive technology products that can be used by all people with disabilities, all around the world. We currently have six products available but we are always working hard to design and manufacture more. The sales from these items go straight back into MERU and our custom-making service.


Splatz – Rokzi – Flexi – Moozi – Knobz – Bugzi


Want to find out more?

We will be doing a features over the next few weeks on each of these products so you can get more in-depth information but if you just cannot wait please visit our website or give us a call on 01372 725203  or email us at:

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