FREE coin counting and changing at Metro Bank Epsom with the Magic Money Machine @Metro_Bank
12th June 2014
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It’s OK collecting it – but then it needs to be sorted and counted… and you may find yourself paying for this.. 

But not at Metro Bank Epsom – it’s free – and you do not have to have an account there.

They have the


A fascinating devise that sorts and counts your coins – delivers you a receipt which you can then cash at the bank.. Simple! 

It really is – no need to sort anything – simply put the coins into the machine and it does all the work.

AND if you guess to the nearest pound how much you have put in – you’ll also get a prize! 

GREAT for charity collections – gate collections and Piggy Banks! 

AND EVEN BETTER the Bank opens from 8 to 8 Monday to Friday ,  8 to 6 Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday….


Banking how you want it.

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