Five reasons why five reasons is better than ten – ask the @wordsalon
18th February 2016
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Blogging. Everyone’s opportunity to share their top tips. To comment. To excite, inform and illuminate.

It’s virtually essential these days that websites include a blog page, that marketing strategies incorporate regular blogging and that customers and clients receive regular blogs in order to keep them engaged.

Technically, anyone can blog. You don’t need to be a fantastic writer. Or a leading authority in your chosen subject. But if you are looking for your blog to strike a chord with your audience, a degree of writing ability and expertise in your chosen subject will in fact help.

Any blog is competing with swathes of other content. What you write represents you. It is a form of PR and if it’s boring, badly written or contains errors, well once it’s out there – it’s out.

I actually unsubscribed recently to a website due to the excessive level of poorly written, regurgitated blog material that was endlessly filling my Facebook feed. I was appalled to count five spelling and grammar errors in a top ‘celebrity’ blog, leading me to believe that the content is being churned out to simply increase traffic, rather than taking care and attention and showing respect for the person willing to give up their time to read it.

Which leads me onto my last point. The time your followers spend reading your blog should never be taken for granted. Stay short, succinct and leave readers wanting more. Don’t feel you have to eek it out to 10 points simply because this is a nice round number, and in doing so sacrifice the quality of your tips or advice. If you have loads to say – great, save the rest for your next blog or write a series of them.

So in conclusion:

  1. People are busy, invariably reading blogs on their phone and don’t want to spend too much time reading and digesting reams of text.
  2. Fewer meaty, useful and insightful points will be of greater impact than a high number of weaker ones.
  3. Less is more – you should aim to provoke thought, raise curiosity and generate anticipation of your next blog.
  4. It’s less pressure on you – after all, for busy business owners, finding the time to blog can be a nightmare.
  5. Five is a perfectly nice number. In fact according to the number five is energetic , dynamic, adventurous, daring and freedom-loving, witty, courageous and worldly. What could be better than that?

Thank you for your time. Watch out for my next blog, five top tips for writing a top blog.56c57da8c6a71137a90013e4

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