Farm Fencing Country Clothing Easter Bonnet Competition.
28th March 2014
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Farm Fencing Country Clothing Easter Bonnet Competition


Farm Fencing and Country Store have decided to organise a fund raiding Easter Bonnet competition from there Walton on the hill branch. All donations to go to Papillion House School Headly, Tadworth. This is a profound autistic spectrum disorder, and challenging behaviours school. 

After hearing about Papillon we were extremely excited to help this school with our fundraising event, Easter Bonnet.

In the past month we have been in contact with the school and our in house milliner Jessica Rea who is heading the fundraising event, was invited to join them for an afternoon with both teachers and pupils. Taking part in the classes helping making mothers days cards,

It was outstanding the passion that each teacher had for every pupil and how versatile they had to be with their teaching methods.

We contacted 3 local schools Walton On The Hill Primary, Bramley School for girls and Chinthurst School to see whether they would be willing to take part in the Easter Bonnet competition. All schools were very eager to take part.

It was decided for us to be present in an assembly at each school. Where it was explained to all the pupils what a milliner and a hatter is. (Milliner makes lady’s hats and a hatter makes gentlemen’s hats). Examples of millinery were shown, the competition explained, entry forms to be obtained from each individual school, with a minimum donation of £3.00.

The children then had the chance to do their own mini 'fashion show' where we had volunteers to come up and try the hats on, they then did a small parade around the rest of the seated children.

All schools have their own photographs of this which can be obtained directly from them by yourselves.

Each school then had a week to make as much awareness to the parents with bringing in supplies for them to work with. Old hats that they might want to 're vamp' or newspaper so they could make their own pieces. 

The following week Jessica Rea went into each school to conduct the workshops. These workshops were given to most classes throughout each school. Here the children had the chance to get as creative as they wanted, experimenting with every material possible with Jessica and the teachers help.

All finalists hats will be taken to Country Clothing Store Walton on the hill, and shown in the window of the shop, on display for everyone to see. There will be a prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of each category. The final judging will be done at the Walton on the Hill shop on Friday 18th April.

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