Expecting a family invasion over the holidays in #Epsom? - Is your home ready for it?
28th November 2011
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Remember last year? It was just like ‘How Clean is Your House?’ – checking behind every picture to look for dust! Under the bed to check for bugs! Inspecting every piece of cutlery for water marks!! They noticed that little speck of dust on the bed linen – well it had been in the airing cupboard since the last visit.

Oh and remember the loos and showers. Do you still only have a few thin jets of water from the shower head – and the constant dripping which kept them awake every night – is it still there?  Is that flush still loose, and how many times will you have to go to the rescue by ‘fiddling’ in the cistern.

And the heating – too hot in one room – too cold in another?

OK they are family and friends – but sometimes they can try your patience.

So be prepared – it’s your holiday as well.

If you’re too busy to tackle the annual pre-Christmas Clean – give Cleanest Homes a call 01372 826 608 or send them an Email. They offer an assortment of services to help you – from a full house clean – to a laundering service.  Oh and they can visit again after the invasion to put your home back to normal.

As for the plumbing and heating  -  get a reputable local engineer to call – check those washers and mixers – fix that flush – get the heating to do what you want -give Domestic Plumbing and Gas Solutions  a call on 01372 826 624.

Ok there may still be some moans – but at least they’ll be different ones this year.

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