Ewell dig looks for Roman settlement remains
8th July 2012
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A THREE-WEEK archaeological dig in Ewell Village is the last chance to uncover the remains of a Roman settlement before the land becomes part of the local church.

The Church Meadow project hopes to discover Ewell's history and reveal information about a settlement that grew up along the Roman road on Stanes Street, which ran between Chichester and London.

The site is earmarked to became an extension of St. Mary's churchyard in the village centre and this is the last opportunity to retrieve and record any Roman secrets that may be buried below.

Alan Hall, vice-president of Surrey Archeological Society, said: "This dig is trying to establish what the settlement was. What sort of settlement, what quality, what class, what status. We just don't know.

"We think at this stage that it is a strip development along the Roman road but there are indicators that more than one Roman road runs through Ewell and we might be talking about a crossroads, we just don't know."

"The vicar has been very welcoming and helpful and the local people who come to see it are fascinated by it. We've never had anything but support from the local people."

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For more information visit http://www.surreyarchaeology.org.uk/

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