Every golfer wants a good swing - Optimal Golf Performance analysis will help you find it - advice from an #Epsom chiropractor
28th November 2011
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A golf pro can teach you the technique of a good swing –but can your body deliver it?

A golf swing is a complex series of events which, if we follow the technique should give us a perfect shot – easy – straight – and the distance we require.

Sounds simple – but as any golfer will tell you – it certainly is not.

Things get in the way – mainly our brain! As our brain computes all the moves we need to make, it has to compensate for all those ’niggiling’ and sometimes serious injuries we have had over the years. The ankle sprains – the twisted wrists – the back twinges.

Optimal Performance Golf is a new way of analysing and treating the golfer to enhance their performance. It does not teach you how to swing, but it prepares your body to allow it to swing to its best effect.

It takes into account those old injuries – improving them where possible using chiropractic and stretching exercises, but also looks at the whole body – from head to toe literally. It analyses your posture and movement patterns, and at the heart of this is finding you Core Stability.

So what is Core Stability – basically it is there to help the brain to learn how to utilise your muscles better – making you functionally and dynamically strong and resilient.

Read Mika’s excellent article – a must for any golfer.

This advice is brought to you with the compliments of Mika at East Surrey Family Chiropractic – to read the full article please visit Optimal Performance Golf or for more information Email or give Mika a call on 01372 747243.

East Surrey Chiropractic have regular features covering such topics as running -skiing – sitting correctly – visit their website to see these.

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