Epsom Solicitor's 7th day in the saddle
7th August 2011
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7 days gone of the 12 day cycle - and all on schedule despite weather - cycle problems - and even missing meals. The brothers David and Michael continue. Now heading due south- they travelled through theĀ beautiful Lake District to reach their next destination of Preston.

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6th August - Day 7
Drowned. Rat. Got soaked today! Started out leaving Keswick with a massive
hill, which at least warmed us up. Rode through some beautiful roads coming
out of the Lake District, including past Lake Windemere, but was very up and
Roads from then on were fast and busy, as we were on the A6 heading for
Lancaster. Stopped there for a bit of lunch and it finally stopped raining!
We were both freezing but warmed up when back on the bike. Again, road to
Preston from there was fast and busy but we got through safely, as well as
Preston itself.
We have stopped for the night in a lovely house near Longton, just south of
Preston. Feels like we have made some good ground today because we are
starting to head directly South (having previously been coming South/South
West). Been very happy in the sadlle today and really enjoying it.
Next stop is Shrewsbury, but we have to get through Liverpool first - should
be interesting if a little busy. Hopefully because it's Sunday we'll get
some peace and quiet! Expecting more rain and, more importantly, wind
tomorrow so not likely to be easy. You can't win 'em all though!


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