Epsom and Ewell #Future40 - next steps for a creative and vibrant borough @EpsomEwellBC
31st July 2019
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Just over a year ago, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council embarked on the largest consultation and engagement exercise undertaken in the borough to hear from local residents, groups and organisations about their aspirations for the future of the borough over the next 40 years - Future40.


Based on the responses from the thousands of people that took part in the consultation and engagement events over the past year, the Council's Strategy & Resources Committee yesterday agreed a draft long-term vision for Epsom and Ewell.


The Future40 consultation engaged and listened to residents, businesses, community groups, faith organisations and other public sector organisations, giving them the opportunity to express what they liked best about their borough and their priorities and aspirations for their future.


Councillor Eber Kington, Chairman of the Council's Strategy & Resources Committee said, "We are incredibly grateful to all those that have taken the time to contribute their views and attend the various events we have put on over the past year.


“We've had a tremendous response from people from all ages and backgrounds who have shared what matters to them. Your support and input has helped shape a draft vision that reflects your views for the future of the borough. A big thank you to everyone who has got involved over the past year on this journey with us.


"Throughout the engagement process, there was a strong consensus about what made Epsom and Ewell the very special place it is and what the priorities should be for the future. This has helped draw out five overall themes, which are - Green & Vibrant, Opportunity & Prosperity, Safe & Well, Cultural & Creative and Smart & Connected.


"Working with our partners we aim to ensure a creative and vibrant future for Epsom and Ewell based on a vision that has at its heart those key themes so important to our residents.”


Over the summer, the Council will be engaging with various partners and stakeholders to finalise the draft vision for Epsom and Ewell. For further information, please see www.future40.org


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