Epsom & Ewell Retailers – Do you want to attract more footfall? @epsomewellbc
18th September 2013
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Are you a retailer employing less than 250 staff? Are you based within Epsom and Ewell Town Centres?

Then read on. 

Tuesday 15th October - Epsom

Wednesday 16th October - Ewell

Adam Worley, the new Business Development Manager for Epsom has an incentive which could help you attract more business. 

The support programme is aimed to help independent retailers employing less than 250 employees, attract more shoppers from the existing footfall within Epsom and Ewell. 

Aimed at retailers - although he would be delighted to have cafes, and ‘service industry’ shops present.  The course is recognised nationally as offering benefit to retailers, being run by professionals in the field of ‘buying and visual merchandising’.

In other areas the businesses have received significant uplift in sales, and a desire to undertake further training for themselves as managers but also their staff in areas such as customer service and upselling. 

This  initial programme of work, is being run as a pilot, with the intention that should this programme be successful he will be able to roll it out further along with a wider variety of heavily subsidised courses. 

This programme is about supporting the businesses to attract business from existing footfall, whilst wider programmes of work are developed to increase footfall in the town centre. 

There will be a competition after the event looking to recognise the business which has implemented the lessons taught from the sessions.

The winner for each location will receive mentor training from a previous retail director for 3hours (typically £100ph) for free. 

Should you have any questions regarding this programme, please do not hesitate to contact -

Adam Worley

Business Development Manager

07702 202 608 

Buying and Visual Merchandising.

The Guide to Successful Retailing is a series of business courses developed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium sized business owners and managers. 

Buying and Visual Merchandising

Effective buying and visual merchandising require skill, insight and a well-informed commercial eye. Get it right and you will see your profits increase; get it wrong and it can prove costly. This course will provide delegates with all the information, tips and tools to help buy, price and display your stock to maximise sales. 


The course will provide businesses with the opportunity to assess their current business practices and identify areas for development. As well as practical advice, the courses will give them the skills and confidence to take their business to the next level and the opportunity to network with other businesses just like theirs 

From each course delegates will take away:

  • Action plans
  • Key performance measures 

Who Can apply?

Are you a retailer employing less than 250 staff? Are you based within Epsom and Ewell Town Centres? If you answered yes to both question then you are eligible to attend the programme at the subsidised rate of £25.




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