Employment issues in the summer months – keep cool, what to wear, sports events – great tips from HR Consultants Rob Bryan @robbryanltd #Surrey
18th July 2019
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As the weather finally warms up, holiday season approaches and major sports tournaments are underway; we bring you a selection of our blog posts to help you deal with some of the issues that can occur during the summer months. 


You may hear from employees, “it’s too hot to work, you have to send us home.” However, the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 state a reasonable temperature must be maintained at work. There is no mention of a maximum!

Our hot tips to help you keep cool in the workplace 


With cases of skin cancer on the rise in the UK (since the early 1990’s incidence rates have more than doubled) consideration needs to be given to the risks of sun damage associated with outdoor working. 

Advice on protecting outdoor workers from the sun 


It’s the summer which means it’s a peak time for sports and your employees may be keen to keep up with the action. But how can employers maintain productivity without being kill-joys? Can you boost morale by allowing staff to participate?

Spoilsports? How to deal with major sports tournaments 


When summer does arrive in the UK employers often begin to notice more relaxed dress standards. Now is the time to remind employees of your guidelines on what you regard as acceptable. Dress codes should help Manager’s avoid misunderstandings with employees about what attire is considered appropriate for the work place.

Dressed for work? Should you relax your dress code in the warmer weather?

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