Do you want to get away from the boring formality of corporate photographs? @aduncanphotog
17th April 2014
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Do Corporate Photographs need to be boring .....NO


Looking through the many commercial magazines I wonder why the corporate portraits are all very similar.  All these professional business men and women have many different personalities.  How can we express this in a portrait?  It does take a little preparation work, understanding what occupation they do, what hobbies they have, sometimes adding of an item into the portrait makes it fun and expresses something of their personalities into a photograph.  Making an image seem more 3d than 2d.  There are so many variables that a photographer can use.  White background, black background, grey or color??  Studio lighting, location shoot with natural light.  Black and white and or color.  Digital effect or natural the list is endless..........

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Happy photographing!!!

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