DIY Divorce – sound too good to be true? @cuffandgoughLL #divorce
27th October 2014
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Divorce happens – it’s a sad fact of life, and since the withdrawal of legal aid many couples look for the cheapest ‘solution’ they can find – the DIY Divorce. 

There are many companies offering Fixed Fee divorces – but do they cover all the aspects?

There are many ‘hidden’ costs which are often not pointed out, and the true financial aspects for all parties to be considered. 

It is not so much the Fixed Fee – it’s that a very very low cost fee may suggest that the service being offered is not comprehensive and could well lead you to making a wrong decision. 

Take a look at the attach document 


Cuff & Gough in Banstead have experienced solicitors who are aware of the pitfalls of divorce. Yes – they do offer a Fixed Fee service, but a ‘robust’ service to help ensure you can make the right decisions. 

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