Disabled youth group forced to relocate as council sells Epsom centre
23rd November 2012
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A youth club for disabled children has criticised a cost-cutting decision by Surrey County Council (SCC) to sell their community centre which will force them out by the end of the year.

Epsom Phab, which provides activities to both disabled and able bodied children, has operated from the Linton's Youth Centre in Linton’s Lane, Epsom for the last 30 years.

Up to 100 children attend the group every Friday night with many other community groups using the facilities throughout the week. However at a cabinet meeting on December 20 SCC voted to sell the centre which it says is old and expensive to run, with the aim of finding an alternative cheaper venue on a 100 years lease.

Despite assurances that this will be 'in the same area', with no obvious alternatives and specific requirements, Epsom Phab fear they could be forced outside of Epsom. Julia Giles, who has been a club leader there since it opened 30 years ago, said: “We thought we had a guaranteed venue for the people in Epsom and a lot of other groups for the next 100 years, but that could be wiped away by one decision.

Our concern is that there isn’t anywhere obvious for us to go and if they start to look at building it’s going to take a lot longer than a year. Consistency of services is really important for our young people, especially those who have learning difficulties.

If we have to move to somewhere else then we need to have that same level of security for the youngsters.”

With no consultation or prior warning of the meeting which would decide their future, Mrs Giles expects a consultation and task group to be set up to help find an alternative location suitable for theirs and others needs.

A spokesperson for SCC said: “Our plans for our youth service are all about making more support available for young people that’s more cost-effective and better suited to their needs.

This includes the recruitment of 30 additional youth social workers at a time when many local authorities are cutting such roles.

To do this, savings have to be made, and we are selling the Linton's Lane youth centre, which is an old building expensive to run, with the aim of relocating to a cheaper venue in the same area.

No provision will be lost.

We have a year to find a property suitable for all the organisations using the existing facility, including Phab, and will be working with Epsom and Ewell Borough Council, the community and the young people who use Linton Lane to do so."

Article from Lauren May at yourlocalguardian

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