Councillors hit back at Epsom campaigners' claims about the town plans
26th July 2012
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Councillors have hit back at claims that a lack of vision for Epsom is ruining the town by pointing to a robust planning strategy introduced last year.

Residents’ Association councillors Clive Woodbridge and Neil Dallen believe the council is already doing what the campaign coalition is asking for - through its adoption of Plan E, a town centre action plan designed to protect the character of the town.

Coun Dallen said: "Plan E is part of our new local plan, the Local Development Framework, which we are still putting together.

"The public was consulted on it many times and it was well-publicised, and we now have a vision for the town centre until 2026.

"We are already doing what the group is asking for - consulting along the way on each point of the framework and continuing to listen."

Coun Woodbridge said the planning application for the station development pre-dated Plan E and was a "one-off" situation.

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