Could the UK Supreme Court decision affect your divorce settlement?
14th October 2015
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TWM Solicitors will be watching the news today awaiting a judgement from the Supreme Court which could affect both past and future divorces. 

Today the UK Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether 2 women in 2 cases, which have been heard jointly, can have their divorce settlements looked at again in the light that their husband’s dishonesty about their finances and wealth at the initial hearings.

A decision in the women’s favour has potentially far-reaching ramifications for current divorces being negotiated, regarding the openness and honesty of both parties, and for previous settlements where dishonesty has subsequently come to light.

TWM Solicitors will comment on the judgement once it is known and publish those on our website  

We will have members of our team on hand during the day if anyone would like to speak directly about the likely implications. 

If you need more information about these and other divorces issues give TWM Soliciotrs a call on

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