Christmas Cards from The Sunnybank Trust in #Epsom @SunnybankEpsom
30th October 2014
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The Sunnybank Trust have 3 delightful designs to offer you this year and a real bargain at only £3 for 10 cards.

To place an order (click here to complete the order form)  and send with cheque to the Sunnybank office (address on order form).

Copy of form attached below

Alternatively call Felicity on 013727 49871.


Buying these cards will really help the Sunnybank Trust a local charity helping people with learning disabilities.

The Sunnybank Trust

“We are helping over 250 vulnerable men, women and young people with learning disabilities in Epsom and the surrounding areas to lead fuller lives.  Many more need our help!  

We believe that everyone has the right to a fulfilling life, with your support we can make this possible. “

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