Can Facebook help your business reach its goals? @SimplicityDM explain all
30th August 2018
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Can Facebook help your business reach its goals? Our very own director Nigel Stickland explains all...

Despite the privacy scandal of early 2018, Facebook remains the top grossing social media platform in terms of revenue made from advertisements. Most businesses who have an online website also have a Facebook business page linked to their website to help promote products and services. A lot of companies also create a Facebook business page for customer service purposes, but not all businesses have a successful business profile. Without any type of strategy or goal, many businesses embark on Facebook marketing not knowing how to properly optimise this platform, which often leads to an in-effective weak business page.

Make sure your profile is optimised for business

Creating a business page, and not a personal profile is the first step to properly representing your brand online. Although they look very similar to normal profiles, business pages on Facebook are more advanced and include tools to help reach a specific business goal through marketing techniques. If you are the owner of a local company, using Facebook’s business tools for a variety of organisational purposes could prove very beneficial.

Call to action buttons

From 2015 onwards, business pages on Facebook were given the option of putting “call-to-action” buttons to their profile. Businesses could select from a variety of pre-designed button such as “Shop now”, “Book now” and “play now”. These buttons often link to the company’s website and are a great way to tailor pages to help meet specific goals. Similar call-to-action buttons can also be added to posts and marketing messages to help advertising efforts and reach business goals.

Make the best use of Facebook insights

In depth analytics, called “Insights” that Facebook provides are a very valuable source of information. These tools allow businesses to measure the success of their marketing efforts, highlighting everything from the reach (how many people have seen a post) of a Facebook post to where the majority of a company’s audience is based. Not only can Facebook Insights tell you what content was most interesting, it can help a business to understand what products and services have the most potential and the needs and wants of a target demographic.

Using paid tools

Facebook offers two ways of creating and manging paid content – Ads Manger and Power Editor. Depending on the size and style of your business, one or both tools can be used to develop paid advertisements on Facebook. Through these Facebook extras, you can create advertisements that align with a certain goal i.e. page engagements. These posts can even be tailored to reach certain people, for example people living in a certain area or individuals between the ages of 18-25. Audience insights influences businesses into being more effective within their marketing strategy. These insights also help marketers to recognise which type of audiences engage better with their content.

Does your business want an effective Facebook business page combined with a Facebook marketing strategy that can help you achieve your goals? At Simplicity Digital Marketing we have social media experts who are dedicated to helping businesses grow their brand on Facebook and help them to reach objectives through advertising on Facebook. Get in touch with us now on 01372 826628.


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