But Officer - the SAT NAV said go this way in #Epsom
6th January 2012
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According to an article on BBC this morning about 61% of us use SAT NAV for road directions – but how successful are they?


You may have a ‘dynamic’ system which updates automatically with road changes – but if not – you could find yourself being directed up a blind alley.


Road layouts change – unless you update your Sat Nav – how can it know.


An advisor from the AA said people also need to use ‘common sense’.


·         If road layouts have changed and your SAT NAV directs you to turn into a NO ENTRY road – what would you do?

·         Your SAT NAV is fine in your normal family car – but you’re using it now with your caravan – would you try to get through a narrow gap?

·         What about the chap who wanted to see Chelsea at Stamford Bridge – but ended up at Stamford Bridge near Chester?


You could of course drop the SAT NAV and go back to the old method – everyone in the car shouting different directions!!


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