Body Snatchers and Ghosts in #Epsom and Ewell
30th September 2011
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Well perhaps not today – but as Halloween approaches who knows!

But they were certainly in the area in the past – together with ghosts – highwaymen  and Havoc!


If you enjoy the darker side of history and all things gory, and are 8 to 12 years old then the BOURNE HALL MUSEUM CLUB is a must for you.


The club meets the second Saturday of the month at Bourne Hall.

Sessions last from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm and there is a charge of £4 per child per meeting.  For further information please contact David Brooks, Tel: 020 8394 1734. Email:


The club has lots in store for this gory time of year: 

Saturday 8th October visit Body Snatchers and Burglars for details. 

The streets of Victorian Britain were crowded by poor and desperate people. Some broke the law just to survive, other became their victims — even though over 200 crimes carried the death penalty ranging from murder to minor offences like pickpocketing and being out at night with a blackened face. Despite these harsh penalties the criminal elements of society were still determined to make their living by ill-gotten gains.” 


Tuesday 25th October visit Horrible Ewell Walk for details. 

“Tread in the footsteps of the body snatchers and see where they plied their grisly trade. And discover why a vicar pulled down his own church!”


Wednesday 26th October visit Hauntings Highwaymen and Havoc for details. 

“Learn of a time when the Derby was not the respectable race it is today and how disreputable men nearly caused it never to be run again. Discover all this and more, including riots, wars, fights and artists, and join us for a horrible talking tour of the borough.”


Thursday 27th October visit Horrible Epsom Walk for details. 

“Discover the Borough’s darker past and listen to tales of foul

deeds, supernatural visits, and wartime disasters.

Highwaymen, romantic heroes robbing the rich or terrors of

the law abiding community? Discover the truth behind

Epsom’s own highwayman and decide for yourself if he was

a hero or villain.”



















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