Being a good listener is a gift - it can help other people
13th January 2013
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Most of us find it easy to talk to family and friends. But what if it’s a stranger – and a stranger at a very low point in their life?

That person has no-one to talk to – or no-one close they feel they can share their problems with.

Whatever their problem – they need to share it with someone – could that person be you?

If you have seen the film ‘Shirley Valentine’ – you’ll know she shared her problems with the kitchen wall – but the sound of a human voice is far more solid than any wall. A human voice gives the emotional support which is so critical in an hour of need.

Many people have the gift of being a good listener and many have it in them to be a Samaritans volunteer.

If not you – then maybe someone you know, who is easy to talk to, treats you and whatever you say with respect, is non-judgmental.

To touch another person’s life when it really matters, by helping them directly, or by keeping our branches running, is a rare gift

Whatever their reason for joining us, our volunteers feel they get a lot back. From the satisfaction of helping someone through a tough time, to learning new skills or meeting like-minded colleagues, find out what being a volunteer with us could mean for you.

Apart from a minimum age of 18 years – there a virtually no restrictions on becoming a volunteer. And you won’t be ‘thrown in at the deep end’ – the Samaritans take you through a training course to ensure you are equipped to engage with callers in a sensitive and compassionate way.

The local Samaritans branch in Leatherhead needs more volunteers.

Give them a call on 07913 552271 to learn more or email 

They also have an OPEN DAY on January 26th  from 2:30pm at the Leatherhead Institute. Pop-in without any commitment.

67 High St, Leatherhead KT22 8AH

At Leatherhead, we're also part of a pilot scheme to allow people to contact us using sms text messaging from their mobile. If you'd prefer to get in touch via text, you can send your message to 07725 90 90 90.

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