BBC Community Heroes Awards –nominate your local hero @BBCSurrey
16th August 2018
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Everybody knows someone – someone who goes that extra mile to help – now’s your chance to honour them. 

It could be people who work for you, people you’ve seen volunteering with you or others, as well as individuals not employed by you. We want to reward the local people in Sussex and Surrey who go the extra mile and are worth recognising. 

So what is it all about – READ MORE ABOUT BBC Community Heroes Awards

Know someone? Then Please email or just reply to this.
In your email, please could you let me know why they’re worth considering in a few sentences or a paragraph?
The deadline for this is midnight on 7th October but we’re starting the lists now!

Nominees will get a certificate from us. We’ll also have a lovely evening awards bash for all those who are shortlisted and the winners in November. It’s a really special evening.
It’s been such a success that many other radio stations have started doing the same type of event as us.

These are the categories:

YOUNG ACHIEVER - Awarded to anyone aged 18 or under, who has demonstrated maturity beyond their years
999 - Presented to a member of the emergency services or the armed forces for commitment to their profession
SPORT - Awarded to an individual or group who has contributed to local sporting life, either playing a sport or encouraging others to do, such as through acting as a referee, official or coach
GOOD NEIGHBOUR - Awarded to an individual or organisation that helps make the neighbourhood a better place to live or work, either on a regular basis or through a single act of kindness or courage
FUNDRAISER - An individual or group who has gone the extra mile to raise funds for a charity or good cause
VOLUNTEER - Awarded to a person or group who gives up their time voluntarily to help out a charity or good cause
ANIMAL WELFARE - An individual or group who goes out of their way to care for animals
CARER - Someone who cares for an individual or group of people on a regular basis
MUSIC AND ARTS - Awarded to an individual or group showcasing local creative talent - Everything from community choirs to talented actors

Full terms and conditions and our privacy notice can be found here:

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