Bank Card Scams on the increase in Surrey
26th February 2012
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The fraudsters, targeting the elderly and vulnerable, call and claim to be from the bank.


They advise that there is a problem with the victims bank card, and it will need to be replaced. After obtaining details of the card – pin no – balance – they advise a courier will be around to collect the old card and replace it with a new one.


A courier then arrives and collects the ‘old’ card.


Another trick they use is to leave a ‘note' at the house asking you to ring a given telephone number – and so the scam continues.


This is going on throughout the country – but fraud cases have increased over the last few months in Surrey.


If you know any elderly or vulnerable people who you feel may be open to this scam – please warn them.


If you suspect anything call Surrey Police on 101.


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