Are you a nervous Patient? A dental-phobic? There is help
17th March 2013
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We see many patients on a weekly basis who's anxiety on visiting the dentist ranges from mild to extremely severe. Those that are classed as 'dental phobics' have often had a past bad experience, usually going back to their childhood and less than gentle care from their previous dentists.

According to the Adult Dental Health Survey, 51% of adults had a dental anxiety score classed as low/no anxiety, 36% had a dental anxiety score of moderate and a further 12% had a score suggesting extreme dental anxiety.

The survey also found that the prevalence of anxiety was higher in women.

The main causes of anxiety are previous traumatic experiences, fear of the dental equipment, fear of the smells or fear of being helpless.  Dental phobia often prevents people visiting the dentist when they have a minor problem, which means that when they finally do need to attend in an emergency,  the problem is far greater with more complex and involved treatment needed.
At Epsom Dental Centre we believe that getting to know our patients, having empathy for their anxieties and helping them relax as much as possible can change the setting into a more relaxing and positive environment.

Our approach with anxious patients includes:

  • Good communication with a friendly and smiley team
  • Showing empathy and respect
  • Having a relaxing atmosphere
  • Demonstrating what is involved
  • Giving the patient control so they can signal when they want a break
  • Getting to know our patients more personally to create a friendlier environment

Other techniques we have available for anxious patients are sedation and hypnotherapy.

For those who are nervous, regaining confidence in a dental practice is key, and we believe that our approach will help you to overcome your anxieties and keep as relaxed as possible. 

Here are just a couple of reviews we have received:

Peter K says “Clare has turned me from a nervous, fearful patient, into someone who now has complete faith and trust in my dentist.” 

Jack L says “Having had a fear of the dentist, like most, I took the news of needing treatment badly. However the quality of service, manner of staff throughout, and the standard of work carried out has cured me. Thank you too all involved, particularly Dr Chig Amin” 

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