An Englishman's home is his castle - a thought from TWM #Epsom
15th November 2011
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The Removal Men – a Channel 5 television series, had a theme throughout – which showed the emotional turmoil involved in moving – regardless of where or why.

It is often quoted that the 3 most stressful things in life are:

      Death      Divorce      Moving

Whilst Moving may not come at the top of this list – it is probably the largest single expense you undertake in your lifetime– and should not be understated.

One of the more crucial areas of a move is the legalities, and you need an experienced solicitor who can put themselves in your shoes.

Before you choose that person – consider the following:

Do you want to deal directly with the solicitor handling your move – or are you happy to speak to a different person each time?

Do you want a service personalised for you with experienced and professional people – or will you fit in with an ‘off the shelf’ service where you must conform to their pattern – no exceptions?

Do you want to work with people who know – not only the area – but other parties in the area – or are you happy with an ‘outsider’?

Consider these very carefully – they could mean the difference between a stress free move – or even no move at all.

The TV program featured a client from TWM Epsom’s sister office in Leatherhead, who had used the company on several occasions for house moves – several occasions in itself gives a great testimonial for the solicitors.

Think carefully – for more information contact TWM Epsom or EMAIL or Call 01372 826 245

TWM  Your local,  experienced and professional solicitors.


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