A’Level results – not the road to success? @DaveCordle gives some advice
1st September 2016
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By now, if you or someone close to you has done A’levels this year, you’ve had the results for a week  or so and you’ll be experiencing some sort of reaction on a scale from ecstatic through to panic and devastation. 

So, talking to the person who did the exams and got the results (if that’s not you pass this on when you’ve had a read), remember that this is just a step on your journey. When you look back in the future, it won’t be what the results were that determine your success: it will be what you did with those results. 

So if you got the results you wanted and you’re off to university or your chosen next step, well done! Now is a good time to start thinking about building the foundations for your future success.

-          What are you passionate about? What is your current thinking about what you want to do beyond university?

-          Make a point of seeking out the people who do those things you want to do or work in those industries. Start connecting with them and finding out about what it’s really like in that role/industry and what skills and qualities they really value in a graduate recruit.

-          Make an inventory of the skills and qualities you’ve already got and seek opportunities throughout your time at university to demonstrate the skills you’ll need in work.

-          Create powerful personal goals and work towards them. Know what you want to achieve in different areas of your life both long and short-term and who you want to BE in achieving them. 

I’ve touched on some big topics there, such as goal setting, networking, understanding the skills and qualities you already have. These are beyond the scope of this little article but if you want some tips in any of these areas, send me a message via this link to request the information you want. 

If you didn’t get the results you wanted be assured that whatever  you’re feeling right now, it isn’t the end of the world. I say this with the confidence of having worked with people at all levels of organisations and across a massive range of industries: this has shown me that what will ultimately have the biggest impact on your future success is what you do with the results you get. 

Everything you do has a result or outcome, whether it’s A’levels, hitting a golf ball, or saying something to your best friend. You can label that outcome success or failure if you want to, but the important thing is what you do with the outcome. So what are you considering? 

  • Retakes or re-sits is obviously one option
  • You could decide to sit around for weeks and be unhappy about your results
  • OR , you could look at your results and say, “what else could I do with these results?”
    • Is there another course or university/college that appeals to me?
    • Is it another type of study all together (apprenticeship, NVQ, training on-the job)
    • Would I benefit from looking for work now and re-considering study options at some future date (maybe even several years ahead) once I’ve started a career?
    • Do I have a business idea that I want to make happen?
    • What does success mean to me and what sort of life do I want to create? 

Again, I’ve touched on some big topics: setting your goals, perhaps thinking about producing a CV and taking it to the job market, having to do a job interview. 

These are beyond the scope of this little article but if you want some tips in any of these areas, send me a message via this link to request the information you want.


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