A tribute to Mad Lilies from a devoted fan in Banstead #weloveflowers @bansteadhighst
7th February 2014
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Maria adores Mad Lilies, not just for the flowers, but for the staff and the shop itself. She has sent us her thoughts so you can share her passion for this local florist. 

Mad Lilies and what I love about it!     By Maria, Banstead. 

I love the quality, creativity and enthusiasm. Walking through the doors is like walking through flower heaven, the beauty and scent along with the warm inviting smiles from the staff takes you back to the good old days where customer service and quality went hand in hand. 

For me personally, Mad Lilies has been the unsung hero of all of my flower occasion’s needs this past year, from Happy to Sad to ‘just because’......... All of which have been very gratefully received by all the recipient’s, I have even thrown in a few cheeky purchases for myself too without feeling guilty. 

Guess what men like flowers too! The new website is beautifully orchestrated and demonstrates Mad Lilies vast  flower knowledge, and shows their passion, the perfect all rounder’s and fun too. 

So, why am I such a fan? 

Having had Heart Surgery and being a recipient of a mixed flower and diamond bouquet, not unlike the ‘Grace Kelly’ It made me realise just how special flowers are. My flowers were in a handy box so I could take them around the house where I was resting, they gave me so much pleasure. So beautiful and lasted a long time too, I think they made me realise how precious life really was. 

In July we ordered the ‘Grace Kelly’ for a friend’s 50th in South end, it was soooo hot. We took them down in our car, air con on full power, and they arrived perfect. Kathy didn’t want any emphasis on her day, so she put them on her kitchen island, centre stage and they did not disappoint. 

For my mum’s 75th in November we arranged for the red roses leading lady bouquet to be delivered, she was so delighted. They also travelled to Essex then back to Banstead and remained beautiful the whole time. 

Mad Lilies flowers are allowed to sing and dance and be themselves either on their own or mixed together, they are not like any other flowers. The roses are beautiful and elegant. The scent reminds me of my grandads prize blooms. The foliage is excitingly different too, a bit quirky. Infact all the flowers are beautiful it’s a bit unfair to mention just the Roses but they do remind me so much of my childhood. 

Nothing is too much trouble for the staff, they will also research things for you as well, and if they cannot get it, trust me they know someone who can. 

Inspired by my favourite book as a child ‘Flower Fairies’ and remembering ‘DB’ telling me that fairies were not real and they didn’t live at the bottom of  my garden, nearly had me in therapy at the tender age of 6! But now aged 48 I now know that they just might not live at the bottom of my garden?............. Because I know where they live!  Mad Lilies, Banstead!! 

(Take that!  ‘DB’, anyway you had a snotty nose) 

Maria, thank you so much for taking the time to contact us, and we like you love Mad Lilies a great local business. 

The pictures show the Grace Kelly bouquet from the Leading Ladies range at Mad Lillies 

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