A recent private tasting at @LGWhiskyCo
20th July 2017
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A recent private tasting at Liquid Gold

Have you booked a private tasting at the Liquid Gold Whisky Company in Ashtead yet? Garry Milner, the owner, writes about what you can expect. 

You may be aware that Liquid Gold recently ran a competition in conjunction with Milners to win a free private tasting at our Ashtead store.

Last week, we had 8 guests visit us to enjoy their prize! The evening consisted of 4 different gin tastings: Cream Gin, Sharish Blue Magic Gin, Junipero and X-Gin. Our expert mixologist, Alberto, showed a video revealing the history of gin and then went on to explain what to mix with gins to make them taste really good!

Alberto's top tips included:

  1. Never use a cheap tonic water, it can totally ruin the drink!
  2. Use original Japanese Yuzu Ocha tonic water, it's inspired by exotic Japanese flavour and truly complements a good gin!
  3. Use the peel of the lime, not a slice, as the flavour is all within the peel.
  4. Always use the right glass - ideally, a nice wide gin glass with a balloon shape - 80% of your taste comes from your nose and this allows you to fully stimulate your senses.
  5. Never share your gin! If you've bought one of our gins, you'll want to keep it all to yourself.

To shop with Liquid Gold today, simply visit our shop at: 88 The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AW or visit our online store: https://www.liquidgoldwhiskyco.com

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