A beginner’s guide to choosing a Scotch whisky by LGWhiskyCo
18th August 2017
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Do you know where to start when choosing a scotch whisky? Liquid Gold Whisky Co tell you everything you need to know.

I hate to remind you...but Christmas is only a few months away...so it's time to start thinking about gifting!

If you're thinking of buying somebody a Scotch whisky this year, or perhaps treating yourself, here are the most important things to consider:


Ageing only occurs when whisky is in a wooden barrel - once it's been distilled, it won't age any further (but the older it is, it could make a fabulous investment)! Ageing will effect the overall appearance and taste and the longer the whisky is in the casket, the more taste it will have absorbed from the wood! Young whiskies are usually quite pale.

Area of Scotland

Although it's not a complete dead cert, the following areas usually have specific qualities:

Highland – typically lighter in colour with a less peaty taste, Highland whiskies have a slight spiciness to their flavour.

Campbelltown – a particularly distinctive taste with a touch of saltiness which is instantly recognisable, Campbelltown whiskies are full-bodied and rich!

Speyside – these whiskies are nearly all much sweeter although with some you may have a touch of peatiness too.

Lowland – a sweet and fruity group of whiskies which are mellow and easy to drink.

Islay – the strongest tasting of all the Scottish whiskies, Islay malts have a strong peatiness along with a distinct seaweed flavour too. Coming from the peat bogs of Islay in the centre of the sea-ravaged island.


Not to self-promote or anything...but whisky tastings can be a fantastic introduction to whisky! We'll teach you about the various colours, the 'nose', body and finish. Of course, you can read about these but there's really no better experience than using your own tastebuds.


Ever wondered how those Sherry or rum notes are achieved? Not all whiskies come straight from their original cask, some are moved to an entirely new cask which has previously held another type of alcohol. Port, burgundy and Madeira are also often used to release additional flavours into the whisky. Whiskies which are a 'first fill' will have more distinctive flavours, as opposed to those made in a cask which has been used multiple times.

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