90% of golf is preparation - get prepared with East Surrey Family Chiropractic in #Epsom
3rd February 2012
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90 per cent of golf is preparation – Jack Nicklaus

Optimal Performance Golf


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  • Do you want a better golf swing?
  • Do you know the theory but can't quite put it into practice?
  • Have you had coaching, but need something more?

You need Optimal Performance Golf, the most effective way to fine-tune your body for the game.

Turn technique into results
A great golf swing is not just about mastering the perfect technique.
No matter how many coaching lessons you have and no matter how many rounds you play, there is one vital element that you simply cannot improve just with practice: your body.
A golf pro can teach you the technique of a good swing – but can your body deliver it?

  • Do you have a niggling shoulder injury?
  • Did you sprain your ankle many years ago and it's never felt quite right since?
  • Do you sometimes have back pain or think your core isn't strong enough?

Just one of these problems can stop you developing a great swing. Even if you know what you're body should be doing for a top-class tee shot, the tiniest injury or misalignment might make it impossible to achieve.

Analysis of your entire body

Optimal Performance Golf is a specially designed treatment programme to get you into perfect shape for the game.
It's not a fitness programme, and it's not golf coaching. Instead, you get a detailed biomechanical and functional analysis of your whole body from a professional chiropractor.

This includes:
an assessment of all previous injuries that could be affecting your swing
chiropractic adjustments to help with joint mobility
core stability exercises to improve balance and club head velocity
a neurological assessment of your coordination and proprioception
postural and movement pattern assessment

The treatment will create a more natural and comfortable swing, increased distance off the tee, improved consistency in shot making, sharper accuracy, and boost confidence.

Our chiropractors work closely with local PGA professionals who can help take your game to the next level, and we have been affiliated with the academy at Leatherhead Golf Club for the last two years.

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